I made Ah Lo finished his homework yesterday (though they were due on Friday) just so that we can get it out of the way. He was not very happy about it. I sat down with him to finish it. It only took him less than 10 minutes to complete it. Upon completion, I said, “boy, that was quick! See now you have Wednesday and Thursday nights all to yourself.”

He was all calmed by then. He smiled and out of the blue said, “mama, did anyone tell you you are a good mom?”

“Eh, no.”

He replied, “Well, you are a good mom. You are strict, but you are fun. You are kind and cook good food. You care about your kids and your family. But one thing though, you are embarrassing sometimes, actually, you are embarrassing all the time.”

“Hahahaha…really? but that’s what parents do to their kids.”

This is the biggest compliment a mom can get from her children – that I am doing a good job!