Dinner for 7 tonight (with my nephew here too). Well, technically, dinner for 5 since I don’t eat much during dinner time. And my niece just had her molar extracted, but refused to give up this meal. So she was eating jook while picking on some vegetables and vermicelli.

I prepared the XO sauce and stashed them in the frige. It’s always nice to pair it to any vegetables because it adds the complexity and flavor to it. Chicken wings are always a big hit no matter when. Marinate it overnight with rose cooking wine, salt, garlic, ginger and cornstarch. Pan fry until golden brown and all of a sudden the chef is the star of the night. Lastly, because an extra body coming, I made the rock cod with vermicelli and satay sauce. Satay sauce goes very well with vermicelli because the spice adds richness in taste to this dish. Always feel good to please my patrons.