There are two major events in our neighborhood twice a year which means major traffic jam with plenty of foot traffic. We’ve been talking about taking advantage of this crowd to make some sales/raise money for our public school. This weekend, we finally decided to actually do something about it. The boys helped baked cookies and cupcakes, stuffed popcorn into smaller bags, and created color signs.


In two days time, we made over $200! Half of it will go to the school, and half will go to the hardworking bees. If anything we got out of this, we trained two great salespeople from scratch! From being overly shy, small voiced, and even reluctant to becoming enthusiastic, increasing their persuasive ability, and having the courage to ask people across the street to come over and buy the goods, most of these characteristics are pertinent and interesting attributes that anyone should have, on a professional level. These skills they’ve learned brought them out of their comfort zone which made this sale successful.