My boys have been bugging me about revisiting the farm we stayed last time. This time, we brought along their cousin (my nephew) to experience this unique short farm stay. We got there late on Friday night, so couldn’t do much.

The boys got up early Saturday morning and was ready for the chores. Here in the farm, there are endless chores. We were lucky to have Farmer Dan who not only was patient to show the boys around, but also available to give them a very constructive outdoor education.


1. Watering plants. This is an apple plant that Farmer Dan is trying to save since last year.

2. Feeding animals. One of the favorite chores here at the farm, was feeding Bella the cow which can take all day long.

3. Gardening. The farm basically is divided in two: raising livestock and grazing management. After the animals are happy, the boys worked on the garden.

4. Weeding. Besides helping Farmer Dan weed (food for the animals), the boys picked up beans that had fallen off from the shells. There are a few different variety of beans we’ve seen here for the first time at this farm.

5. Fruit picking. This time we were lucky to see the persimmon trees at its full bloom. You can’t get any more fresh than picking the fruit right off the tree, wipe and right into your mouth!

6. Setting up gopher traps. Lately, Farmer Dan is having trouble with the gophers in the garden. This year because of his injury, the garden has shrunk a bit. And with the gophers, it didn’t help either. Here he’s showing the boys how to set up gopher traps. We didn’t catch any this trip.

7. Pumpkin in the garden.

8. Beans we picked.

9. Feng helping with watering another tree.

10. Figs, right off the tree.

11.  The last of tomato harvest for this season.


At the farm, it’s not all work, there are lots of fun activities and a great learning experience for the boys as well.

1. Dai Bee is trying to construct his bow and arrow from scratch.

2. Card games.

3 and 5. Feeding the chicken.

4. Up and personal with the farm animals.

6. Feeding the cats and dog.

7. Studying of bees and flies. Never got so close to bees and not worry about the sting because they are busy pollinating.

8. Farmer Dan shows the boys the correct (most comfortable) way to hold a chicken.