Today Mr. Piggy and I took the day off to take the boys for their annual checkups. Because we want to take advantage of the school holiday, so did everyone else. The doctor’s office was jam packed with people. We were there for an hour 45 mins. Lesson learned! Today I also witnessed how much my boys have grown. When the doctor suggested for them to take the tetanus and the HPV A shots, they didn’t even flinch. I remembered even last year, they refused to take flu shots when the doctor brought it up during our conversation. This time, today, Ah Lo was reading his book and Dai Bee was doing his Algebra workbook when they took their shots. Not a peep, “that’s it?” they asked. Yep, that’s it.

After lunch, we rushed home because we had a play date with Ah Lo’s friends. I invited a bunch of his classmates who are at the same reading level as Ah Lo. I recommended “Theodore Boone series, Kid Lawyer by John Grisham.” Today, I’d be the moderator as the kids discuss the book. I emailed the parents a head of time to have each kid come with 5 words they don’t know, and then find the definition, along with 3 questions about the book.

First, I had each write down what they thought of the book on a white board. Next they we went over the words they didn’t know and shared it with the group (i.e. immunization, flustered, recluse, frail, gazebo). The fun part was the Q&A. The kids asked the most detailed questions from the book. It was interesting as well as eye-opening for me.

The last 15 minutes, we had a debate: whether it is a good idea to have ice cream before dinner? They wrote down the points to support the answers. I kept the group small (4 people) and held it for about an hour which was perfect. I was supposed to bake some cookies/cupcakes, but didn’t have the time. As treats for the kids to bring home, I threw in some candies which they loved anyway!

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