Going back to our no-electronics Sundays, after breakfast we got straight to work! After they finished their homework, we started a journal writing session. Having moaning and groaning about the difficulty of this topic, I later changed it to “what is the worst part of having a cold?” When they were done writing, I gave Ah Lo a set of challenge words for his grade level. He wrote sentences to show that he knows the meanings of those words. For Yunny and Dai Bee, they studied English vocabulary (through audio) with Verbal Advantage. This is new to them as they will start off with 10 new words each week (paraphrase, uncanny, pragmatic, morose, inept, ostensible, digress, saturated <- that’s all I remembered). They learn the spelling and definition of each word. There’s also a test after each lesson as a review. Of course, I had them write sentences to prove they fully understand the words as well. We incorporated these words in our conversations throughout the day!

After draining their little brains for a good couple of hours, we went out for a hike before lunch. Made a short stop to the library before we went home and got messy. The boys were ready to dig into the pumpkins and scrape off the seeds from the pumpkins. Then there was piano practices, quiet reading and gave mama some time to pick up the sewing project again. Let’s call this a productive quiet Sunday.

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