We started off with our no-electronics Sunday with practicing some calligraphy for Ah Lo and working on some advanced math for Dai Bee.


This is “optional” work for Dai Bee. His school has an Advanced Math Club (hosted by the Vice Principal who used to teach Math Honors) which meets every Tuesdays. Since he can’t make it on Tuesdays, I’ve asked the Vice Principal to see if we can pick up the worksheets for Dai Bee to work on from home. Finally, he had the time to work on them.  To some, this is all work most children don’t want to deal with. Luckily for my boys, they still consider this to be “fun.”


Following this exciting work, we went to a birthday party, then to a park. Who needs electronics when we can do all these fun stuff?

On the side note, a friend asked us to join them on a Disney Cruise next summer. I thought it was fun, but wanted to get the boys’ opinion since they are not huge fans of Disney. I told them if I were to spend the same amount of money on a trip, which one would they prefer: Disney cruise or visiting a foreign country. Dai Bee thought for a while and said he’d prefer to travel to a foreign country. His reason being “there’s nothing to learn on a cruise. You basically eat and play all day.” I tried to explain to him there are shows on the cruise, stuff to do, and great food. He rebutted that you can do all that stuff and more on land, in a foreign country. For Ah Lo, he can do either way. With that, we declined our friend’s invitation.