Chinese simple stir fry for dinner tonight. The ribs were store bought by my father-in-law yesterday. We ended up eating out yesterday, so he didn’t get a chance to try it out.


Today I invited him to come to “show off” my steamed eggs. To my FIL, he doesn’t have much confidence in my cooking. Often times, he likes to stand behind me to make sure I’m doing what “he thinks” is the proper way. Anyway, at my inlaws, they also make steamed eggs as well, but it’s nothing like this. To steam smooth, silken, soft eggs (or water eggs), it requires precise heat and time. At my inlaws, their steamed eggs are always bubbly, uneven grey and never a smooth texture. When it’s done, I’ve added some dried icefish over the steamed eggs. You can enjoy variations with the additions of green onions, shrimps, scallops, meat, etc. This is a simple dish, but always a big hit in my house. Too bad, my FIL missed it. There’s always a next time.