Trying out the fermented black beans sauce spare ribs over clay pot rice tonight. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there to enjoy it since I had to rush Dai Bee’s orchestra concert. I signed up as a volunteer, but at the same time, need to feed the hungry mouths. I thought this would be the easiest / quickest way to get a meal on the table. I marinaded the ribs last night so I could throw it on top of the clay pot rice today. According to my food critics, rice was flavorful and ribs were soft and moist.


I also cooked napa cabbage on the side. This was such a simple lifesaver. Boil water and then add salt. Split 3 or 4 napa cabbage leaves lengthwise. Cook it in boiling water for a few minutes. Remove and drain. Add oil and garlics in a clean skillet. Wait until garlics are golden brown, add 1/4 can of chicken broth with corn starch to thicken sauce. It’s optional to add dried scallops to this dish. I had a few in my frige, that’s why I tossed it in there. If you decide to use dried scallops, make sure to soak it from the very beginning (for at least 30 mins). It was all gone when I came back.


I go to all of Dai Bee’s recitals/concerts he’s a part of just to support him. Sometimes I wondered if these concerts are just for the parents? Because my lack of musicality and knowledge of music structure, I lack the appreciation for these music performances. However, I still make the effort to show up and clap as hard as I could after every song. Though at times, I do feel these recitals are brutal because we had to sit through it after a long work day, with watery eyes from yawning. Nevertheless, I still like to be present simply because Dai Bee likes being in them, which is good enough for me.