We’ve been volunteering at this organization for a long time. However, this was our first time volunteering during Thanksgiving. Besides visiting elders, we signed up to help prepping the gifts bags for all the elders. We all got up early and got started right away. The coordinator told us we would be visiting close to 200 elders in the bay area today. After all the prep work were done, we were assigned to visit two senior elders (in same building). We later found out these two seniors were a couple. Boy, the woman’s face lit up (almost like winning the lottery). She welcomed us with opened arms and offered us drinks. She also shared with us her photo albums, her travels, her family and her valuable insights on life. We were all very delighted to have met this couple on this very special day.

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It’s a tradition we celebrate Thanksgiving with Mr. Piggy’s family on Thursdays. SIL made most of the dishes, yes, including the turkey. Mr. Piggy cooked (or ‘over cooked’) his prime rib. There were plenty of food to go around. Almost everyone carried their tummies out of the door.

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