So Ah Lo’s teacher participate in Class DoJo, a software that basically serves a platform to connect teachers, parents and students. As parents, we know first hand if our kid is turning in homework, behaving in class, or attendance, etc. I downloaded the mobile app and check almost daily to see how he’s doing just for fun. So far this week, the Class DoJo tracked Ah Lo with 50% breakdown of behavior (he normally gets 100%). Forgetting to turn in his homework this past Monday resulted in a lower percentage. Anyhow, Dai Bee was much more upset with the result than I was. He decided to lecture him about responsibility and underperforming. The lecture happens to be right in front of grandma (my MIL). My MIL started to question and got very concerned. She directed the questions to me. She went on and on how I shouldn’t just put on all my focus on one and not the other. 50% is a low score, she said, how could he have such a low score? You have to pay attention to Ah Lo too. That’s my responsibility, as a mother, all me! While it was too much for to me explain, I kept my silence. She wasn’t too happy about it and went to Mr. Piggy. Of course, Mr. Piggy had not the slightest clue. I shouldn’t find this amusing, instead, should be thankful for someone who cares so much for my boys. I couldn’t help myself this time, because in her mind, my MIL has already jumped to the conclusion that I’ve been neglecting Ah Lo. At the end of the evening, I didn’t explain to her, I played along. One day, one day, she’ll know.