Our busy weekends are slowly creeping up on us again. Let’s see, today, after dropping off Dai Bee to music theory, Mr. Piggy and I made a quick stop at Costco. Of course, shopping at Costco is never be quick. We grabbed a few items on our list and went back to pick up Dai Bee. Swung by home to drop off lunch for Ah Lo and out we went again. This weekend was the first basketball practice for the boys. After dropping them off, we stopped by Target to look for decent clothes for Dai Bee to wear for winter concert. We couldn’t find anything but it was time to pick them again. The last stop was swimming pool for them to practice. Whew!

By the time we got home, it was time for dinner. Luckily I picked up some stuff pre-marinaded ribs from Costco. The boys jumped to look for their next countdown right after dinner. Today’s puzzle was a rather difficult one. We even got Mr. Piggy involved to help with this.