I might have said this before and I’ll say it again. I really enjoyed the morning walks with Ah Lo to school every morning. This is a great time for us to really talk and listen. The topics we discussed everyday are way far and beyond. One day, we had a discussion about the taxi runs, from operating to owning. Last week, we talked about how compost works and why it’s important. Today, while tying his shoe laces, he told me about a boy in his school whose shoes are fairly beaten up. They were dirty and soles were flapping. Here’s a great opportunity to explore humanity on a closer level. I told him if I were to give him $20 to get a new toy, or use that same $20 to buy the boy in school a pair of new shoes, how would he feel about that? Sure, you get a new toy, but you already have so many toys. However, with the pair of new shoes for this boy, his reaction would be very different.

I hope that everyone has this great privilege of walking your kid to school as I do. When the world is just between the two of us, you’ll notice a lot more things! I like spending time together, having fun, and being to be close to him.