Thank goodness for technology! Because of so, I can check on a daily basis how my kids are doing in school. Just yesterday, I found out that Ah Lo didn’t turn in his homework. I was curious because normally there’s no HW to be turned in on Mondays. So I asked questions. The more I found out, the more upset I was. His report due today, was given to him a month ago to work on. As mad as I was, I took the blame for losing focus with Ah Lo. Perhaps I had it too easy with my older one, who I was totally hands off since third grade with his studies. Dai Bee was the self-motivated type who would get embarrassed if he didn’t have HW to turn in. Academically, he was always on top of it. I assume the same for Ah Lo. Apparently, my assumption was totally off.

Hence, from this day forward, I will have a different approach on Ah Lo. I will be more consistent on getting the routine of checking/asking him about this homework daily (instead of randomly which I have been doing). I may need to sit near him and be sure he completes his homework. I need to communicate with his teacher more. I just know that I will be doing a lot more than what I am doing now. First off, I need to change his attitude.