Recently, I took Dai Bee and Ah Lo for grade-level tests (just for fun. Yeah, don’t judge!) Anyway, Ah Lo only took the math portion and he did very well. Same goes for Dai Bee, who did exceptional in Math. However, we were concerned with his score in reading comprehension. With reservations on the score, I asked his current L.A. teacher in school for any advice to help him improve. His teacher agreed to give him a reading assessment sometime last week. Yesterday, the results came back and it turns out I didn’t have to worry about anything! He did great, in fact, so great, his reading comprehension is beyond his grade level. His L.A. teacher mentioned she did the assessment because I was concerned. She was not worried at all. She said if he did have problems comprehending, he’d be struggling in his science class (which was not the case). “The science textbook is pretty dense. If he did have problems, he’d have a hard time moving along.”

Whew. What a relief.