Yesterday, out of the blues (after dinner), while cleaning the table, Dai Bee asked me if I am happy, in general. He asked if I think I have a better life than others?

Me:‎ Everyone defines “happiness” differently. Some think having tons of money make them happy. Some people are happy because of the work they do.  For me, yes, at this moment, I am happy and I am grateful to have the things I have. Yes, I am more fortunate than many others.

And I asked him the same question…here’s his reply…

Dai Bee: Yes, I am happy. I have food every day, not just food, good food too. I have a brother, clothes to wear and house to live in. Most importantly, I can have an education. I like my school and I am doing well. I definitely know I am very lucky compared to a lot of kids.

His answer put a smile on my face. I am glad to have a son like him, who’s appreciative of what he has. He’s enthusiastic about life and values education.  I hope he continues to thrive and always ready for whatever comes at him.

Thank you Dai Bee.