One of the things eaten during Chinese New Year is nian gao, translated as year cake. It is considered good luck to eat it during Chinese New Year. I’ve never made it before. My MIL makes them every year. Because of her health issue this year, she didn’t make it but gave us her recipe and encouraged us to give it a shot. Even so, I didn’t want to give it a try because I thought it was so hard to make. A couple of days ago, my SIL made it and showed us how easy it was to make it. Tonight, I followed her recipe and she was right, it was that easy: brown sugar, water, and glutinous flour. I cheated using my mixer and the whole process didn’t take more than 45 minutes.

Here’s the recipe:

Melt 5 blocks of brown sugar (I used 4) using 2 (rice) bowls of water.

After sugar is melted, and while liquid is hot, pour into the 16-oz bag of glutinous flour. You can mix it manually. Again, I used the mixer and mix until batter has a runny consistency. Pour the batter onto a plate, bowl, or mold and steam it for 30 minutes. Voila, it is really that easy! Give it a try.