Booked a cabin months ago in hopes of getting onto the slopes for a weekend getaway. It was pretty dry here out in the west. Though there were no snow, it didn’t stop us for some fun!

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Our cabin was not cleaned at the time of our arrival. I was upset and complained to the property manager (still waiting to hear back). The boys who sat in the car for 4 hours were anxious to get out. They tackled on some football while waiting for the cabin to be ready. Yes, Ah Lo is in shorts! That’s how warm it is. Luckily there were board games inside the cabin to keep these boys occupied (when we did get in after 45 minutes outside). The next day, we had chicken porridge for lunch and beef fajita for dinner.

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Many ski resorts were closed due to lack of snow. Boreal was close by and opened. The plus side was they have a couple of easy slopes for beginners which was what we needed. Of course they make fake snow, but doesn’t matter since we were ready to get some runs. For lunch, we saved by bringing our own cup-o-noodles. They charge 50 cents for hot water, which was no big deal (compared to a $6 skimpy hot dog).

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The whole trip was short and relaxing. Kids got to ski and hang out with their cousins. Hopefully this short ski trip has enough good ski memories to last until next time.