My sister is throwing a Minecraft-themed party for her son. For my nephew’s gift, I baked him some cupcakes of Creeper (character from Minecraft). Again, it’s all about the tools! Because I didn’t have the right tool, it took me almost 3 hours to make this!


Today is happy day for Ah Lo since he didn’t anything except play play and play. He stayed over his cousin’s house last night for his birthday party. We picked him up around 1pm so he can go to his friend’s house for a playdate. At 4pm, we drove him to join his basketball team celebration at an bowling alley. What a happy day for this little guy. Dai Bee, on the other hand, had another form of fun. He sang with his school choir at the Asian Art Museum, went home and practiced more music. He did go bowling afterwards with us. What a fun way to wrap up the last day of February.