Tonight again, I attended the Board of Education urging them to restore the option of Algebra I for the 8th graders. The meeting was extremely eye-opening and frightening to me as a parent who has supported public schools and public education for the past 7 years! This really is worth paying attention to by EVERYONE!! Especially those of us that would like our children to have the same advantages as their counterparts throughout California and the rest of the US (who they will be competing with for slots in Universities across the state and country).

I came from a Chinese immigrant family. I can’t speak for all Chinese Americans, but most of us were brought up to respect elders and/or people in authority. We are trained to obey all the rules and go with the flow. What our parents, teachers, bosses tell us must be correct and we shall accept it without any questions or objections.

Tonight, I showed up at the meeting as a parent. I didn’t see Caucasians, Latinos, Asians, or African Americans, I only saw one unit – just parents. Like all parents,  I only want the best for my children – including getting a good education. I didn’t plan to speak in front of the board because again, I wasn’t brought up that way. But I did, as a parent. I spoke up because this time, I won’t be “going with the flow.” I won’t accept what I’m told. I will advocate for my children’s academic needs. I will do what I think it’s right for my children so that they can be fully prepared when they reached high school. This is not something any parents (who are in the public school system) would want to ignore.