Dai Bee’s Music Theory class is located in a neighborhood where we normally don’t venture out to. But because of this class, we have found this location to have the most authentic restaurants and genuine little stores that make this city so unique. Today for lunch, we stopped by Ramen Izakaya Goku. The miso was not at all salty like most ramen places (you also get to choose the level of spice). I must say the soft boiled egg was boiled to perfection (at least to my taste). I had the garlic clam ramen just to try it out. It was flavorful and absolutely delicious. I highly recommend this place to anyonec raving for ramen in the Mission area.


Per request, I baked a cake roll for Mr. Piggy’s grandfather. Tonight we celebrated his 94th birthday. I didn’t have a very good shot of the picture. But, it’s a cake roll similar to this, but I added some mango to the filling and decorated with the words “壽比南山” (direct translation: may you live as long as the Southern Mountains). He liked it so much he ate two pieces!