Because of the uncertainties of the future in our public school system, I explored other options to privately educate Dai Bee. Though we were late in the application process, we found a school who was willing to accommodate us  (good to know people!) We toured the school, with Dai Bee shadowed a kid from the school all day, requested for school records, asked teachers for recommendation letters, and most importantly, applied for financial aid. After two weeks of meeting deadlines, following through with all areas of prerequisites, waiting anxiously, yesterday, a letter came. The result was disappointing – no, Dai Bee didn’t make the cut. When I picked him up yesterday, he jumped right into the car, grabbed a book and started to read. I waited until he was settled before breaking the bad news to him. He shrugged and said “ok” and continued with this book. While I was driving, looking at the rear view mirror, I asked “how do you feel about it?” He looked up and said, “well, the other boy might be more qualified than me. so, I’m fine.”

Applying for private school was such a daunting experience for hopeful parents. I was glad Dai Bee had such a great attitude towards the whole thing. When I heard what he said, I was so relieved. I just know wherever this boy goes, he will do fine, just fine.