Excited to meet our newest addition to the family later today, I got up early and spent my entire morning in the kitchen. I didn’t want to go empty handed, so of course, the practical me, wanted to make something for my sister and BIL. Since my sister had a c-section, I had to be super careful of what she can and cannot eat. As for my BIL, who might also be exhausted due to lack of sleep would appreciate some homemade food (beef noodles) and a dessert (mango sago).

As for my sister, I made brown rice, some greens and pig knuckles and ginger stew. The stew also contains cloud ear (雲耳 – or dried black fungus) and peanuts. The tendons on the pig knuckles supposedly help the recovery of maternal health, the dried black fungus help cleanse the arteries, and the peanuts help boost milk supply. This is one of the more common dish new mothers eat the first month after giving birth. For dessert, I also made black sticky rice with dried red dates and dried longans. Because black sticky rice is low in calories, high in iron and blood booster, it also has a unique place in the diets of new mothers. I think I’ve made enough to last her a few days. Knowing how exhausted new mothers are, hopefully, this can ease their way into parenthood.