Called in sick today hoping to get some rest, but failed because today is my baby’s special day. So instead of getting some rest, I was running around getting things done. That’s what mothers do. Our sick days are reserved for running errands.

I still remember vividly every hour of this day 9 years ago. Today, he’s already capable of making special treats for his classmates. I helped by adding his name on the jello cups (using coconut jelly I made last night). He had requested pesto pasta for dinner and that’s what I made. Good thing it was a small gathering, so I only made chicken and bought a baguette on the side. I made the cake roll during the weekend so I didn’t have to kill myself making it today.

Anyway, as tiring as it was, today is a perfect day to remind me what a precious gift he is to us. Not a day goes by when I do not think how empty my life would be if he was not here.

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