This morning I went to the school with Dai Bee because he misplaced his Wednesday envelope. For those who are don’t know, Wednesday envelope is a form of school communication which contain updates, announcements, flyers and/or any other information for students to bring home on a weekly basis. Last night, I tried convincing him not to worry about it since it was no big deal. He was very worked up that he will lose points for not having it today. So I promised that I’ll go to school with him and talked to the teacher. The teacher almost rolled her eyes when she found out why went there to see her so early in the morning. She gave him a new one and told her not to worry about it. Her remark about his anxiety was “that’s pay back for being the perfect student.”

On one hand, I am glad that he takes his grades so seriously. On the other, I am worried he strives to be so perfect that he’ll lose the focus. My fear is that over time, his anxiety of not measuring up to his high standards or simply making small mistakes might cause more damage than it should be. Again, it’s time for me to assess my way of teaching my kids and to find a way to help him with this issue.