We’ve been having some problems with ants lately. I don’t know where they came from, all of a sudden, armies start invading our kitchen area. I got rid of one army, using chalk, a couple of months ago. It was clear until the last few days, they came back with a vengeance. This time, they found a way through the cracks of window sills. We’ve tried using chalk again, except this time, it didn’t bother them at all as they were walking all over it. We tried something new every time after clearing the area (spraying it with vinegar, or Comet – all purpose cleaner). However, less than 10 minutes later, the trail reappeared.

I went online and found a suggestion using cloves of garlic and black pepper. I was skeptical since after placing these ingredients around the ant trail, I still saw a few ants. Then again, I was out of ideas. I left it there overnight. This morning, I am happy to report that the ants were gone! I don’t know if this will last. I will leave the garlic there for a few days and see if this natural plant will help solve my problem! By the way, I love cooking with garlic, so you can always find them in my kitchen!