Last night had an interesting moment with the boys. On my left hand side, Ah Lo and I were brainstorming on what we can do to help with Nepal earthquake. We were throwing ideas back and forth when Dai Bee came and sat on my right, asking me to sign his Math test. 27/25, with 2 points for nailing the challenge problem on the test. Excellent! He told me he had to fight for those two extra credit points. Oh? His teacher initially marked it wrong and he challenged the teacher’s answer. He showed his work and proved his answer. Unsure, his teacher went up a level and consulted with the Vice Principal, who taught Math Honors at the school for many years. Mr. VP agreed with Dai Bee, and was impressed how he worked on the problem. He even asked the teacher who this student was. At the end, his teacher gave him the 2 points for the challenge problem. I signed his Math test, with a big fat smile.

Back to my left hand side, Ah Lo got back my attention and suggested a few ways we can help. We narrowed it down to raise money and donate to the American Red Cross. He immediately told me he knows a few people who are good at origami and we can fold some to give out to those who donated. Brilliant! We continued the night with what to do and how to do it. WE finally came down with the idea and will share it when we start making it.

I wonder how many mothers out there are lucky enough to get this chance to engage in this kind of activity/conversation with their children?