For the past few nights, the boys have been were working on folding origami boxes. The plan is to have Ah Lo would be making calls to family and friends soliciting donations to the Nepal earthquake victims. His goal is to raise $300.00.


Last night (Friday), Ah Lo has been calling families asking for donations. Though through massive emailing is the best way to go, but I insist on having him calling each one personally. People work hard for their money, they don’t necessarily have to donate it to you. By you calling, they can hear your voice, hear your plan, ask questions directly, and thus, be more willing to donate. As of today, he got $160 so far, more than half way meeting his goal. This morning, both boys are writing “thank you” notes (Ah Lo writes the English portion while Dai Bee works on the Chinese versions for older folks).


Inside these boxes are a hand written note from Ah Lo and a piece of candy. He plans to set up a charity soon called “A Little Brother’s Help.” Stay tuned…