While walking Ah Lo to school today, I noticed many students were carrying their visual presentations to school. All third graders were to work on a detailed report on an animal of their choice. The assignment was given to them a month ago and he finished it last week. I even reviewed it with him yesterday and made sure he placed the report in his backpack. This morning he asked me if I could help him with Powerpoint since he wanted to present his report using Powerpoint. He told me it was due Friday. Seeing all the kids with their visuals in hand made me second guessed the actual due date of the visuals. He stared at me blankly and said, “oh, I think the presentation is also due today.”

While I was fuming, I blame myself for not paying attention more closely to his assignments. A memo was sent out to parents about this project earlier. I read it, signed it and put it on my calendar. I just knew a report was due, but not aware of the presentation. While I thought it was his responsibility for his assignments, I blame myself for overlooking the details of the memo. Anyway, I called the teacher and she would still accept the late work. We will spend the time tonight to do it.  A typical case of second child syndrome. Sigh.