We’ve eaten white rice all our lives, every now and then I’ll make brown rice. Therefore, we have a small bag of brown rice as a backup in the pantry. However, since last week, we ran out of white rice. I have been cooking brown rice and of course, it’s not everyone’s favorite. There were moaning and groaning, especially from Mr. Piggy. While he kept pushing to get more white rice, I continued with brown rice for good reasons. During dinner time, I explained all the nutritional benefits in eating brown rice. Yes, you won’t like it at first, and it will take some time just like any other things. Slowly, the noise of not having white rice became softer. Since I’m the one buying groceries, they pretty much have to eat what I come home with. So there, brown rice it is! We have been eating it for a week now. In our pantry these days, you only find a small bag of white rice as the backup.

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