Not like I have all the free time in the world, and yet, I have now taken on another role as a Chinese teacher for the boys. Already, there’s a great amount of work I have to do – preparing, brainstorming, researching, figuring how to stimulate their minds and nurture a positive attitude in studying chinese etc.

I’ve bought some books from Hong Kong as materials and shipment finally arrived yesterday. We have done some trial lessons the past few weeks.Their levels are different and with a limited amount of time, I don’t have any expectations nor do I have any goals. I just want to see how the teaching/learning goes for the next month or so. When school starts, 30-45 minutes is as much time as I can squeeze out of the day to for them to learn Chinese. Tonight, I finally jot down the subjects I want to incorporate in the curriculum. I want to make learning Chinese fun, and hope that they will just be a tad bit more proficient than they are now.