Came up with a perfect reason to have a small gathering with ma familia – we call it a back-to-school party. Yes, our summer for the kids have officially ended. They will return to school on this coming Monday. For food, I whip up some sesame garlic noodles, baked some wings, made some salad (and brussel sprouts) and carmelized onions over toasted bread.

I’ve asked my sisters to bring a little something/surprise gifts for their own children. After dinner, we passed out the gifts with a few words of encouragement to all the anxious little ones.


For C2, my sisters and I chipped in to get her some dorm necessities and extra cash.


For Ah Lo, I bought him some socks since he desperately needed them. Dai Bee and my younger niece each got a binder. I would find inspirational quotes online and combine them on an 8.5×11 sheet. This sheet goes in front of the binder as reminders and/or motivate them to strive harder when things don’t go their way. They both love having this and would read it throughout the year. Dai Bee still has his from last year (a different one from this year) and secretly tucked it inside his binder.

Looking forward to a great 2015-16 school year!

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