During dinner last night, we went around the table and the three talked about their first day at school.

Dai Bee: has classes with different teachers, but a little bit disappointed he now has the same group of kids in the classes. He doesn’t want to change because he thinks his teachers are good (which we all commented that was the most important part).

Ah Lo: thinks his teacher is fairly inexperienced such that she couldn’t control her classroom. He now has 32 students in his class and is a bit chaotic for him. There was not much to do on the first day of school, so it was boring for him.

Yuns: class schedule is all messed up again. She got a chance to show off her lunch with her class. With a full load this year, she already has an essay due the next day. Seems like she’s pretty pumped up for her junior year. Hope she’s able to stretch the energy for a little longer.

After dinner, we had our first official Chinese class. It went pretty well as neither of them complain the amount of work I gave them.  The boys read different books and I gave them different vocabulary to learn to read and write. Though they have gone to chinese school for a few years, Dai Bee (5) and Ah Lo (3), the books I’m getting them are for 3rd grade level (Dai Bee) and 1st grade level (Ah Lo). Today we will learn history. I’ve prepared to teach them the dynasties in Chinese history and hope they can stay up for that!

Note: though I’m teaching Ah Lo in cantonese, he recites back to me in mandarin. Weird, huh?