Those who know me know I like to plan ahead. I’m constantly thinking in the future. Good thing is I’m prepared, bad thing is I sometimes forget about NOW. Anyway, back to my normal self of thinking ahead. I am constantly trying to find ways to prepare the boys for college (yes, already!) without sending them to tutoring centers (which costs a fortune) last minute during their sophomore/junior year in high school. Recently one of the boss told me about this book studying root words. So I bought it. This should help them recognize common roots and affixes to expand their vocabulary and/or to determine the meaning of words. Hopefully mastering the roots will be easier for them when they take the vocabulary section on the SAT (again, thinking ahead!)

When I showed it to Dai Bee, he already knew over half of it because he studied it last year. For him, it’d be more like a review. For Ah Lo, I’ll see if I can find a fun way to help him build a good root word knowledge base.