This was one of the busiest Saturdays for Dai Bee. He had an eye exam at 10am followed by a piano lesson at 11am. At 2pm, he met up with a friend to jam some songs (while he plays the piano and his friend on violin). A couple of months ago, I asked a friend of mine whose son is playing violin to see if he’s willing to work on a song together. Each was to practice on his own and today, they finally met up and played the song together. I don’t know much about music, but they played beautifully together. Our goal is to see if we can find them agencies who would allow them to perform. Still have ways to go, just happy they were both willing to take the first step.

After the mini ensemble, Dai Bee is on his way to piano workshop at his piano teacher’s house. In between these activities, he has to squeeze time to do laundry and programming. If you ask me, this is surely a very productive day for the little boy.