This is the lunch for my niece. We have stir fry brown rice which she’s not a fan. So I thought maybe dressing up a bit would help her appetite? The boys had the same thing as well, in a container.


Tonight I went to Ah Lo’s Back to School Night. I am always eager for this valuable opportunity to learn about the classroom experience. I want to meet the teacher, find out where Ah Lo sits, see what his work so far. This year, his teacher seems more confident, organized and receptive to parents’ feedbacks. As usual, I asked a whole bunch of questions if she differentiates her students, and if so, how? I privately asked about her teaching style – is she comfortable with challenging her class without overwhelming them? I wanted to find out what my job (as a parent) is for this year, and how we can work together so that we wont’ get “surprises” during parent-teacher conferences. Besides drilling on the academics, how does she instill social aspects to 4th graders? I left her classroom content, knowing Ah Lo will have a great year with this teacher!