Saturdays are laundry days for the boys now. Since this summer, Dai Bee picked up a life skill from his residential camp – doing his own laundry – which allowed us a little break. When he came home from camp, he was happy to do his share, and of course, dragged Ah Lo along the way. Both of them take care of cleaning, folding and putting away. Even if the laundry doesn’t turn out perfectly, at least it gets done. See how thrilled they look?


The same day, I invited my mom and sister (and her family) over dinner. This is also the first time I made abalone (frozen ones from Costco.) I got some tips from my other sister on how to make them. Surprisingly, they were pretty easy to make. They came out very delicious and tender, even my mom (with dentures) could gobble them up. Then there were the yummy fried chicken wings.