Superity duperity busy Sunday we have this week. This is the first time we participate at a 5k Race as a family. Jogging was the easy part, but waking up at 7am on a Sunday was the hard part. We managed to finish the race in an hour or so while enjoying our coastal scenery along the way!

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Afterwards, we came home and took it easy for a while until after lunch, Dai Bee was due for a Math tutor class. We signed up the boys for Math tutoring with this tutor (Mr. Moy $110 for a month) since end of school year. At the time, there weren’t any availabilities, and we weren’t in a rush, so we waited. Two weeks ago, I decided to give Mr. Moy a call to see if anything opened up. At the time, he told me nothing, just keep waiting. Again, it wasn’t like the boys needed math tutors, we waited. A week ago, Mr. Moy called and told us he had a spot and asked us bring Dai Bee this Sunday. The class is a 1-1/2 hour long class session. As always, Dai Bee was skeptical about the duration of the class. When we picked him up, he thought the 1-1/2 hour flew by and said “it was fun.” Supposedly this Mr. Moy instilled in his students a confidence to grasp math concepts in a fast paced environment. If student doesn’t want to be there, he has no problem kicking them out since he has a long list of families who are trying to get in. On his first day, Dai Bee already has 50 problems for homework. We will see how it goes. I am waiting for a spot for Ah Lo.


Right after math tutoring, we are off to Dai Bee’s basketball practice while Ah Lo is going to a birthday party. Not only did they get a workout physically, but also mentally. I am sure the boys will be snoring away as soon as they hit the bed tonight. We sure drained their energy today!