I found out from Ah Lo’s teacher that you can find out what is the reading level of certain books from the Scholastic Book Wizard. Type in the name of the book on the website and it displays the reading level of the book.

Currently on the boys’ bookshelves. House of the Scorpion is good, but a bit too dark for Dai Bee. He finished the book in two days, but decided to share the same bed with Ah Lo that night, worrying he might have nightmares.


When you find a good book, you just don’t want to put it down. That’s what happened to Ah Lo. Dai Bee read this series a couple of years ago, and every now and then he re-reads them. When Ah Lo started Book 1, he can not get his hands off of it. Not distracted by any electronics, his slight obsession with the book had drawn him to finish the book in less than 3 days. Now he’s determined to finish the series by the end of the year. Since this series is at 6-8 grade reading level, I found questions about this book online to see if he really understands the book. And he does! So now, onto the third book.