The heat has really gotten into me today, I just want to hibernate. Well, since we were out most of the day yesterday, the boys need a bit of catching up to do.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.30.17 AM

  1. To do list for the boys
  2. Chinese word testing
  3. Calligraphy practice for me
  4. Back to #2, on Chinese test where Ah Lo didn’t do very well. For words he wrote incorrectly, he was to rewrite 20 times. Yes, he was aware of it, so he rewrote 6 words (x20) and still kept his cool. Once he was done writing the 6 words, he was retested. I threw him a curve ball by testing on the words from the first test and he forgot one of them. Of course, the second time, it’s not rewriting 20 times, I double the number of times he had to write. He was not happy about that, complaining that he was concentrating on the 6 words. Seeing that I wasn’t willing to budge, he rewrote it, annoyed. After he rewrote it, he stormed upstairs. 15 minutes, he came down and showed me this drawing. He said, he just sketched it, as if nothing happened. Channeling his anger through anger, a sign of maturity, is a way to see how much he has grown. I adore him for that! He sketches well, too! Don’t you think?