Recently, Dai Bee posted on our family web blog:

“So everyone knows that we’re in a drought. On Wednesday, a biologist came into my science class and talked to us about water. He told us many ways to save water, one of them being using gray water, which is reusable water from the shower. He told us that when we were waiting for the water to warm up, we could collect the water in a bucket and use it to wash dishes and water plants. When we wash dishes, instead of letting the water run, we should put soapy water in a tub and do that instead. You still need to scrub all the dishes, but this saves all that unnecessary water. And when the weather is nice and sunny, you can dry your clothes outside instead of wasting all that energy.

To ME, the most important thing he suggested was to have a “Meatless Monday.” Beef takes a lot of water to produce. On average, a cow grows for 4 years until it’s killed. All the while, it’s eating grass, which needs water. Also, the cow itself needs to drink water. All the water builds up for 4 years. This is why one burger patty takes 625 gallons of water to create. By having a “Meatless Monday,” you’re actually saving hundreds of gallons of water.

Please try this out. It’s only once a week and not that hard to do.”

That’s why we are having a meatless Monday for dinner tonight: