In the past, we go to our in-laws for dinner weekly. That was a nice break for me since I don’t have to cook. With the MIL away, helping out with her daughter (my SIL) and the baby, we now have the FIL over for dinner instead. My FIL is considerably quite healthy, but he doesn’t eat a lot of food. It stresses out my MIL when preparing meals. For me, I don’t make that my problem. I serve whatever I have. Today, out of the 3 dishes, he only poked at one – steamed fish (which is not pictured here). The good thing is that he doesn’t complain much. He’ll eat whatever or just maybe snack later if he’s not full. We also had brown rice which he is not his preferable kind of starch. Then again, when that’s the only choice he had, he ate it the whole bowl. Normally, he can finish 2 full bowls of white rice, but today, he only ate 1. In a way, I would want him to eat with us more often, so he can have more variety, only if he’s willing though. He’s kind of stubborn when it comes to food. He claims he knows what’s best for him.