Poor Ah Lo – who’s having some gastrointestinal inflammatory issue lately. About four weeks ago, he complained of having diarrhea symptoms in the morning. It worries me that it has been happening for that long. Last week as directed by his doctor, we brought his stool study to the lab. Mr. Piggy came to the rescue of doing the “dirty” work. Fortunately, the results came back negative. So his pediatrician suggested that we should take him to see GI specialist. His appointment was today and he was very nervous about what they might be doing to him. Luckily, the specialist asked a few questions, rubbed his belly a few times, and concluded his situation wasn’t too serious. She offered a few remedies: probotics, more stool study and low fiber diet, etc. We chatted with the dietician who suggested what to eat and what not. The appointment was brief but definitely gave all of us a peace of mind. Hope this is only a hiccup and will go away soon.

In the meantime, I will be making meals for low-fiber diet, for low-carb diet, and the normal diet. Do note that for now white rice is back onto our dinner table.