InstaTen…10 things currently happening in the house, Instagram style.

  1. Dai Bee started wearing his glasses as of this week. He can see things much clearer now.
  2. To help save water, boys bring a bucket to showers. The bucket collects the water while waiting for the hot water. I use the water in the bucket to wash vegetables, dishes, and/or water plants, etc. Dai Bee came up with this idea, by the way.
  3. As of now, Dai Bee is exactly 5′ (91 lbs) and Ah Lo is 4’9-3/4″ (80lbs). Both are between 75-90% percentile in height.
  4. Boys have been doing their laundry and recently recruited in the dishwashing crew.
  5. Ah Lo has picked up his passion for drawing again, and now learning with a teacher to sketch free hand. He’s in the shop at the same time while Dai Bee takes his violin lessons.
  6. Ah Lo is also taking violin lessons at school now.
  7. Ah Lo is my sous chef, helping out with dinner and making rice now every day after school. Here he is making the sauce for dinner.
  8. On top of piano and violin, Dai Bee is taking guitar lessons at school from his former choir teacher. He took guitar lessons before, but didn’t have the time to continue a third instrument. Having it at school works out perfectly.
  9. Dai Bee has been practicing piano every morning for 45-60 minutes, 5 days a week before he goes to school. After school, he’ll squeeze his time to practice violin.
  10. Boys don’t have any sports signed up for this fall.

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