No activities planned for today, so decided to lay low in the house. By that, I have mentally prepared a long list of things to do. In the morning, we did our routine Sunday writing and/or finishing up homework. The boys had so much energy this morning, I asked them to clean up their room, which they did a fine job. After lunch break, Mr. Piggy conducted a ‘how to clean bathroom’ workshop. The work was divided up by three parts – sink/counter (for the girl), shower (Dai Bee) and toilet (Ah Lo). Mr. Piggy gave them pointers and showed them how it’s done. We dropped off the cleaning supplies and off they went. Ah Lo finished first, and now has a newfound respect for clean toilets. While waiting for Dai Bee to finish up, he was willing to vacuum the living room. If this hasn’t tired you yet, in between all these chores, the boys did the laundry together and Dai Bee washed the dishes from last night. This is what I called a productive day.