Today, Mr. Piggy and I had a meeting with the District’s Supervisor of the Middle School Math Coaches, the Assistant Principal (Curriculum) who also taught Honor Math classes in the school for many years, and Dai Bee’s math teacher to discuss his acceleration in Math. In general, the meeting’s goal is trying to seek ways to help get Dai Bee more challenging math. Our goal of having him studying at an accelerated level was shot down right from the beginning. Because it was more of a political issue dealing with the school board, the school will not fight, and thus has their hands tied at this point.

His math teacher chimed in that Dai Bee should get more involved with his group on certain group projects. He needs to explain his answers on his computations in greater length to show that he fully understands the problem. After all, that’s what common core is all about. Mr. Supervisor asked us to define the word ‘challenge.’ Perhaps for Dai Bee, it’s not about the challenge whether we can solve problems at a timed manner, but the focus should be on how well he can explain his answers to his peers. By explaining is understanding the problem more in greater depth. We went back and forth on the options, but have gone no where.

After an hour, we came out of the meeting back to square one. The district has programs for children with learning disabilities or special needs, yet the advanced learners are being ignored as honor math classes are cut. This is one of the many reasons that drives families out of the city. Or for those who could afford it, opt to privately educate their children. Since we can’t do the latter, our alternative is to move out of the city, for a better school district. This meeting gives me a clear understanding of why public schools in our city are losing out in the local education market share.