InstaTen…10 things currently happening in the house, Instagram style.


  1. Dai Bee is our new dishwasher on weekends now, that means Friday – Sunday.
  2. What our weekend morning breakfast time looks like, a book in front, and a glass of milk in hand. Boys’ favorite breakfast – pizza rolls. Bleh.
  3. With his busy schedule, Dai Bee always tries to find time to practice violin.
  4. I used to spend hours making pot stickers. Now I only marinate the meat and the boys do the rest.
  5. Every day after school, Ah Lo cooks rice. I love the help!
  6. Dai Bee’s guitar and piano teachers require him to have the nails short. He’s very diligent about keeping them at a shortest length possible.
  7. Chinese school is still in session. I am having Dai Bee tutor Ah Lo. Lately, they are learning the mandarin song “Mouse Loves Rice – 老鼠愛大米“.
  8. After a week or so, with the help of youtubers, Dai Bee memorized the algorithms to solve the Rubik’s cube. His next challenge would be to solve it timed. He’s able to solve the cube in less than 3 minutes.
  9. Harry Potter! Finally! Introduced Harry Potter to Dai Bee when he was 2nd grade and he wasn’t interested at all. Trying to get Ah Lo to read it, but refused. Until recently, his cousin is reading it and we encouraged Ah Lo to read it (because he just finished John Flanigan’s Ranger’s Apprentice series). Now’s he’s hooked!
  10.  The boys are still into Nerf Guns!