Since I “thought” the boys wanted to have more practice on basketball, I was actively looking for different leagues. However, many teams are already full (most start from the same team at a young age, so the team continues with the same group of kids as they get older). Finally I got Ah Lo into one (with already 10 in the team). He has practices every Sunday mornings.

A friend also told me about this league who ties in with a bit of religious faith. I kept chasing down the athletic director for open spots. Finally,  I got a hold of him and signed up both boys (different teams). Practice happens on Friday nights which the boys were not happy about. They moan and groan about not letting them know in advance. They complain how Fridays are their “chill” days, and they don’t want to spend their Fridays, just that, “chilling.” First it was Ah Lo, and then Dai Bee went on and on why I didn’t ask them first before signing them up. Friday night came and we were at practice. The boys jumped right into practice and enjoyed it.

When the boys were young, we just bring them to age/skill appropriate activities in hopes to spark some interest. Now when they are older, that just don’t work anymore. I have to ask them first, which many times I do, but their answer depends on what they are doing at the moment or what mood they are in to decide the things they want to do or not. Often times, they simply reject anything before thinking through if they like it or not.

Here’s lesson I learned: I know it’s always counter-productive for the kids when they are forced to do something, even though sometimes you know they might end up liking it. Sometimes I find by forcing them (to a certain extent) they actually like the activity. How else is a kid going to know what interests them unless they’re given the opportunity to try it?

Today the truth is told.