Today I attended my niece’s college graduation. From the day she received her letter of acceptance from Sac State and we threw her a college send-off party four years ago up to today, this girl has proven to us nothing is impossible. Beating all odds she was the first to go to college and graduate in her family, first to graduate among her cousins, and she has done so with determination and self motivation.

I was in tears when the speaker asked the graduates to stand up if they were the first to graduate in college, more than half stood up, including my niece. It was not easy and I am sure she struggled with many challenges. Today, she has shown me that it does not matter how slowly you go or how high you have to climb, as long as you don’t stop, you will make it.

To Crystal: There will always be obstacles no matter what you do, but know your dreams can outweigh all of it. Life can be challenging but you are much stronger. Just know that now you can do anything.

She has made me ONE PROUD AUNT today.