Dai Bee has been taking private violin lessons with a teacher who doesn’t offer any recitals. He does get to perform with his orchestra, but never have a chance to play solo. So I’ve been passively looking around to seek for opportunities. I called a couple of senior homes and finally reached one, On Lok Senior Homes who would allow him to come in and play for their seniors! I told him about it last month and gave him a few pieces to practice.

Of course this morning, he was a bit hesitant, trying to find excuses NOT to go. “I thought it was at night” when I told him to be ready by 10am. “I only have one piece ready” when I told him he should play 3-5 pieces. He’s not much of a performer, let alone to do this all by himself. Regardless, I drove him there. He was a little nervous at first, but after the first song, he was playing beautifully. Though half of his audience was asleep, but at the end, they were all awake to give him the applause. We will come back again.

Yes, I should have him dressed up a little bit, but I didn’t want to give him another excuse to shy away this great opportunity.